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New and Exciting for our online lessons

Tonara app for assignments, talking, and

performing for each other. Connecting and fun competitions.  Uploading videos and music helps. Teaching each other. - new format for our lessons. New and proving to have unprecedented sound quality.  We are at the forefront of what is new and the best for online teaching experiences! I strive to keep abreast of the best tools out there to keep students engaged and happy while making music!!!




Meet the studio director Pamela Friske

  • performing in public since age 4
  • studying  piano music from age 8
  • accompanying choirs and individuals  since age 13
  • teaching piano at age 18
  • studying private vocal lessons from age 13-18 with a Julliard  scholarship graduate
  • director of  performing troupe in Austin, TX for 10 years

Pamela has a love of music.  Her passion for music drives her desire to instill confidence and a love of music in her students.  Her students go on to excel and enjoy performing in the realm of piano, voice and theatre.

 High energy and organized ,students at her studio enjoy private instruction and group master performance classes.

Involved with children and youth as a volunteer, a public school substitute teacher and mother, Pamela shares her experience with patience and joy.