"I am such a huge believer that children need other people in their lives - to see them to listen to them, to believe in them. When your kids find those kindred spirits (teachers, youth leaders, neighbors and friends) they can make all the difference !  We are so lucky to have found Pam !  Soph loves spending time with and having her "Pam Therapy" every week.  I hope we can all try and be that type of person! Jenny Koller   Daybreak, S Jordan UT

"Pam has an obvious, infectious love for children and for music, and her delightful disposition will be an asset to your organization and likely a lift for your spirits!" Connie Colina,  Austin, TX

"Pam has a deep love for the children that she teaches coupled with much talent in the field of music and dance.  She has been dependable in teaching her classes and her group has given hundreds of free performances throughout the greater Austin community."  Nanci Nalder, Pres. Sunshine Generation, Inc.  Layton, Utah

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       Parent feedback on recital

"​I am definitely signing up for fall" L.S.

​"​Thank you for last night, it was a great recital" L.G..

​"She brought tears to my eyes last night" J.K.

"Thank you for all you do!  I was very proud of her last night!" J.W.

​"Thanks so much for last night!  I was a great recital and boys had fun !!! L.D.

​"I have shown so many people today...such a thrill." C.S.

​"All of your students were great!  It was a terrific concert."  L.S.

Madi Montgomery now starring in the "Tin Girl" in "The Wizard of Oz" 6th graders performing  at Blackridge Elementary on . May 8 & 9 !!!!

"My heart and eyes are still so full.  Thank you for everything.  Not just for what you teach Madi but for the love you show her. We love you, Pam" . Kristen Montgomery Daybreak S. Jordan, UT

"My sons love piano with Pam Friske !  She is positive, encouraging and fun !  Lindsay Dockter Daybreak S. Jordan, UT